1. Social Development Goal 1 (No Poverty)
2. Social Development Goal 2 (Zero Hunger)
3. Social Development Goal 3(Good health and wellbeing).
4. Social Development Goal 4 (Quality Education).
5. Social Development Goal 6 (Clean water and Sanitation) in various communities in Nigeria.


1. Social Development Goal 1 (No Poverty)
The wellbeing of old people is one of the core values that have been neglected far and wide. It poses to be a value of great importance at TGAI.
A. In August, 2017, TGAI provided a decent one bedroom apartment for an old woman who was initially living in a dilapidated, muddy home in accordance with SDG 1 (No Poverty). The muddy house was indecent for human survival and TGAI sensed the need to give the old, childless 100 year old woman a befitting accommodation. The project was achieved within 2 months of social media crowd funding.








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